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lost cat pls come home
Catagory: Cats Date: 2016-02-06
Email: alexiis.sims@yahoo.com
Phone: 5026180163
Location: woodsmill apts around quail court on poplar level road.
City: Louisville State: ky Zip: 40213

Chocolate Lab Mix
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2016-02-05
Email: kitmarsh@hotmail.com
Phone: 502 379-7120
Location: 2500 block of Duncan ST in Portland neighborhood, 40213.
City: Louisville State: KY Zip: 40212

Catagory: Dogs Date: 2016-02-05
Email: kitmarsh@hotmail.com
Phone: 5023797120
City: LOUISVILLE State: KY Zip: 40212

Wheaten Terrier
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2016-01-26
Email: west.flats@yahoo.com
Phone: 603-998-3418
Location: Sea Breeze Drive
City: Meridian State: GA Zip: 31319

Young white/grey bearded collie
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-12-15
Email: upderanger2@gmail.com
Phone: 862-266-8234
Location: 4th and north main
City: tompkinsville State: KY Zip: 42167

Lost family dog
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-12-09
Email: philcat5@att.net
Phone: 502-552-2243
Location: escaped from backyard at Laurel Grove Ct/Roseborough Road
City: Louisville State: KY Zip: 40228

Missing service animal
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-12-06
Email: krissynjohn.kb@gmail.com
Phone: 5029962388
Location: Cane run rd and TERRY rd
City: Louisville State: Ky Zip: 40216

Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-11-16
Email: marbellaovalle23@gmail.com
Phone: 8328552114
Location: Front yard on street flatrock creek dr.
City: Houston State: TX Zip: 77067

Gentle Female Pit Bull Found
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-11-04
Email: mtwright87@hotmail.com
Phone: 502-836-6573
Location: On Penile Road near Cummings Lane
City: Louisville State: KY Zip: 40272

Boxer mix
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-06-18
Email: hummbird06@yahoo.com
Phone: 5023799732
Location: marian dr and Breckinridge lane
City: Louiisville State: ky Zip: 40218

Catagory: Dogs Date: 2015-03-22
Email: rhonda.skov@hotmail.com
Phone: 8178914422
Location: Near Joe Pool Lake
City: Grand Prairie State: TX - Texas Zip: 75052

Found Female Great Pyrenees
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2014-12-21
Email: margaret.kelly@yahoo.com
Phone: 479 799 6090
Location: 4th Street and Vine
City: Murray State: Kentucky Zip: 42071

found female beagle mix (small) -5 months
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2014-11-25
Email: lcb1202@hotmail.com
Phone: 502-778-5518 ext205
Location: Anderson Wood Products Company, 1381 Beech Street area
City: Louisville State: KY Zip: 40211

REVISED -phone # female beagle mix
Catagory: Dogs Date: 2014-11-25
Email: lcb1202@hotmail.com
Phone: 502-778-6518 ext 205
Location: Anderson Wood Products
City: Louisville State: KY Zip: 40211

Orange and Black Female Longhair
Catagory: Cats Date: 2014-09-05
Email: ARunde03@louisville.edu
Phone: 3307748854
Location: 2nd street and burnett ave
City: Louisville State: Kentucky Zip: 40202

Catagory: Dogs Date: 2014-08-23
Email: t.stephens7703@insightbb.com
Phone: 502-294-8798
Location: found on my front porch in the PRP area
City: LOUISVILLE State: KY Zip: 40258

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